Why Should I Use Organic Cotton Tampons?

About Organic Tampons

As a brand built by people with periods, we know first-hand the positive difference organic cotton period products - especially organic cotton tampons - can make during menstruation.

Our Organic Ethos 

Across our range, LUÜNA products work to ensure no harmful pesticides, phthalates or dioxins come into contact with our skin, especially when it comes to our vagina's highly-absorbent area.

Unlike regular tampons, our organic cotton tampon cores hide no toxic secrets, containing - as the name indicates - only 100% organic cotton. This way we know exactly what we're putting into our bodies every time.

5 Reasons to Use Organic Cotton Tampons Over Regular Synthetic, Non-Organic Cotton Alternatives

Organic Cotton Tampons vs. Regular Synthetic, Non-Organic Cotton Alternatives

Why exactly should we choose organic cotton tampons over regular tampons? 

1. Health Benefits of Organic Cotton Tampons

Regular non-organic tampons contain chemical-filled materials and synthetic fibres which are not present in organic cotton tampons. You might even find that brands which advertise an ‘organic cotton core’ still encase this core in a synthetic outer layer. 

While research around the long-term health implications of using regular non-organic tampons is still limited - thanks to the gender health gap - there is lots of research to link exposure to synthetic materials to endocrine hormone disruption. This is true of our bodies in general, but especially true when you consider how highly absorbent our vaginas are. 

Disruptions in our reproductive functions by endocrine disrupting chemicals may result in fertility problems and even infertility, as well as other menstrual cycles and health-related challenges. Until the research catches up, it's safer to use synthetic free period care whenever you can.

2. Improved Comfort with Organic Tampons

After years of gathering community insights, we've received an overwhelming amount of feedback that shows organic cotton tampons and pads really do alleviate irritations and issues like yeast infections. This is not surprising when you consider that LUÜNA organic cotton tampons are made from a highly-certified and hypoallergenic organic cotton, which naturally supports the reduction of irritations.

In fact, the use of organic cotton in our products is rooted in a discovery made by our founder, Olivia, who realized - after decades of using them - that her regular pads and tampons were causing her recurring yeast infections. Switching to organic cotton immediately provided a solution!

"Absolutely fantastic! These tampons are great! I was initially worried they would not be absorbent enough but they travelled well during the dreaded time of the month. Best bit, no thrush! Always get thrush after using regular shop bought tampons"  

Emilia M, LUÜNA Hong Kong Customer

3. Reduced Plastic Waste with Organic Tampons

Being made from only organic cotton, organic tampons are fully biodegradable. After use, you can rest easy knowing they will naturally degrade, leaving no toxic traces or plastic waste behind.

4. Safeguarding our Planet with Organic Tampons

Organic cotton has been found to use 62% less energy to grow and produce compared to normal cotton, largely the result of less inputs required such as the production of fertilizers, regular spraying, irrigation and tractor operations. The net result, organic cotton releases up to 46% less CO2 vs. regular cotton. 

Another reason organic cotton is better than conventional cotton is because it is less thirsty. Organic cotton uses as much as 91% less water than regular cotton, a fact that cannot be overlooked when we consider the widespread, and increasing, water shortages around the world today. 

5. Be Kind to Farmers with Organic Tampons

Farmers who use pesticides, as well as their families, are put at severe health risks through this farming practice. A 2020 research review by BMC Public Health estimated that about 385 million cases of pesticide poisoning occurs annually world-wide including around 11,000 fatalities. Based on a worldwide farming population of approximately 860 million this means that about 44% of farmers are poisoned by pesticides every year.

As you can see, organic cotton tampons has so many benefits to your body, our environment, and our farmers - what's not to love? Read more about LUÜNA Regular Absorbency Organic Cotton Non-Applicator Tampons  and LUÜNA Regular Absorbency Organic Cotton Applicator Tampons

If you have any more questions about organic tampons, you can always reach out to our team at hello@luuna-naturals.com.

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