Like a regular gift card, your GIFT CARD FOR GOOD provides store credit to shop our products online but with a special difference; your purchase provides an additional supply of organic cotton LUÜNA pads to someone in need.

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How It Works:

  • Purchase the GIFT CARD FOR GOOD

  • Receive Your Code: Shortly after purchase, you'll receive a GIFT CARD FOR GOOD confirmation email with a personalised landing page containing the GIFT CARD code and live balance. This can be kept for personal use, or downloaded and sent to whoever you're wanting to gift. 

Commonly Asked Questions:

Q: But I thought my purchases already support your impact work?

A: You're absolutely right! Our social impact business model dedicates 1% of our annual revenue to fund our impact work. However, there's always more work to be done, and we aim to expand the reach of our initiatives through campaigns like GIFT CARD FOR GOOD. By purchasing a Gift Card For Good, you're taking a proactive step to amplify your impact and provide even more support to those who need it most.

Q: What exactly does LUÜNA provide as part of a 3-month supply to someone in need?

By purchasing a GIFT CARD FOR GOOD, you will fund a supply of healthy period care to someone from a low income community in Hong Kong. This supply contains 60 organic cotton pads, meaning that for approximately 3-months, the financial burden of menstruation has been alleviated for someone in need, all because of your purchase.

Q: Can I combine discount codes with my GIFT CARD FOR GOOD CREDIT?

Absolutely. Simply input any active discount codes at the checkout alongside your GIFT CARD FOR GOOD code.

Q: Does my credit expire?

Nope. There is no expiry date for the credit you purchase.

Q: How do I know how much balance is left on my card?

Immediately after purchase, you'll receive an email containing a link to your personalised GIFT CARD FOR GOOD landing page with your code and tracked balance. Save this link so you can check your remaining balance anytime.


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