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How Do I Clean, Fold, Insert & Remove a Menstrual Cup?

Whether you have the Large LUÜNA Menstrual Cup or Small LUÜNA Menstrual Cup, this guide has all you need to know about becoming a seasoned menstrual cup user. Keep reading to learn the best tips from the LUÜNA team.

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How Do I Clean My Menstrual Cup?

Before using your menstrual cup, it’s important to sterilise it. Place the menstrual cup in a saucepan, fill with boiling water and boil for 5 minutes. You can also fill a heat-proof bowl with boiling water and let the menstrual cup sit inside for 15 minutes, or use a specialty microwave container.

During your period, simply rinse your cup at the sink before inserting again .Or if you're at a public bathroom, we recommend bringing a reusable water bottle into the stall to rinse your cup over the toilet bowl. 

After your period, rinse your cup with cold water first as boiling immediately can lock in smells. Then boil in hot water again.

How Do I Fold My Menstrual Cup?

There are a few different ways to fold your menstrual cup, as you can see in the following GIFs. Give it all a try and see what works best for you!


Menstrual Cup C-Fold

Punch-Down Fold

Menstrual Cup Punch-down Fold

How Do I Insert My Menstrual Cup?

  1. Take some deep breathes and relax. If it’s your first time, find somewhere you feel comfortable, like your bedroom or bathroom and allow plenty of time. 
  2. Fold the menstrual cup. Pick a fold that you find helpful - everyone is different.
  3. Ease the menstrual cup in. Using one hand, hold your labia open slightly. Using the other hand, insert the folded cup towards your bum at a slight horizontal angle (rather than straight up) into the opening of your vagina.Inserting a menstrual cup
  4. Position the menstrual cup. Once inserted, the base of the menstrual cup should be just inside the entrance of your vagina. It's okay if the stem is poking out, but some find it more comfortable to trim it slightly if that's the case.
  5. Check that the base of the cup has been sealed properly. The menstrual cup usually makes a sound to indicate that it's popped open and created a seal to prevent leaks. The base of the cup should also be smooth and not puckered.Inserting a Menstrual Cup (2)
  6. Good job! Now enjoy up to 12 hours of comfortable, healthy & planet-friendly period care.

How Do I Remove My Menstrual Cup?

  1. Again, get comfortable. You’ve got time, so you can wait until you're in the comfort of your own bathroom.
  2. Insert one clean finger and feel for the stem. Once you've found it, tug gently and hold onto it.
  3. Release the suction. Once you have the cup stem firmly between your finger and thumb, gently slide a finger of the other hand in, and press against the menstrual cup base to release the seal.
  4. Ease out the menstrual cup. Once the suction has been released, you should be able to slide the cup out by wiggling it left and right slightly.

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If you have any more questions about the LUÜNA menstrual cup, you can always reach out to our team of cup experts at

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