LUÜNA MUSE // Cammie “I envision a future where ALL bodies are equally represented in the media. Where beauty standards are inclusive!”

The Luüna team all aspire to be a little more like Cammie, that’s why she’s headlining as our next Luüna Muse! 

Cammie strongly believes that every human deserves to see their own beauty, and photography can be a catalyst for that. She specialises in capturing images for the wellness community, aligning with her own passions of yoga, meditation and spirituality. Body Awareness and Female Embodiment are other main topics that Cammie often explore thru her lens and deeply passionate about,, and she wishes everyone to experience ‘Body Sovereignty’ through the medium of photography.

Cammie grew up in a household where she was taught not to be ashamed of her body and everyone was very comfortable in their own skin. Despite the empowering and aussring environment she was nurtured in, social media came along, and as many others, Cammie fell into its trap and all its negative sides. Constantly comparing, flipping through magazines and only seeing smaller sizes, she has dipped in and out of body dysmorphia, an eating disorder and mental issues.

“Over time, I found POWER in sharing my story… First through sharing about my mental health, then realising how important being real and unfiltered about my body too.”

Cammie has found therapy through sharing self portraits of her ever-changing body. Celebrating her rolls, her stretch marks, her textured skin and body hair. 

“Spend time in the mirror looking at yourself! And even better, photograph yourself naked. Photograph your rolls, your bits that you don’t like! I promise, over time, you’ll feel so connected to yourself.”

Period, sex, and boys were never taboos between Cammie and her family, that allows her to fully embrace everything about her body. She started birth control during her university years, and at the same time her mental health declined, and so did her connection with her period as she was barely bleeding.

Cammie began her journey to holistic ways of living, and started to connect to her spirituality after university. Through dedicated practice to yoga, meditation and attending many women’s circles, she then realises how disconnected she was to with her own period. Communities like Luuüna and other women’s health groups in Hong Kong have helped her pay closer attention to her period, and learned the importance of her cyclical nature

“Almost using this as a ‘superpower’ I now base my whole month around my periods. I try to book shoots when I’m feeling most active, and when I’m bleeding I tend to stay home and edit. Due to this, I really look forward to my bleeding every month. I see it as a gift, and a beautiful time.”

“Lifting up women to me, means listening, being open and TRYING to understand each other.”
Cammie’s uplifting personality and love for herself and other women has inspired us so much. She believes that to lift other women up, we should hold no judgement no matter their body size, skin colour, age, background and upbringing. It’s important for women to consciously raise each other up. And we are only able to do this by looking within, by bettering ourselves FIRST. 

We asked Cammie to envision a future where women are empowered to be “naturally, unapologetically me”, and she would like us all to be a little more shame-less! By communicating in their relationships - family, friendships, romantic ones for what they WANT. It also very important for young girls to have better control over their social media use. 

“I envision a future where ALL bodies are equally represented in the media. Where beauty standards are inclusive!”

And this is why we love Cammie, and so honoured to have her as our very first Luüna Muse.

Find Cammie on Instagram: @camikandila_

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