Hong Kong Corporations Work With Local Social Enterprises to Tackle the Gender Health Gap for #IWD2024

Hong Kong, January 2024 - International Women's Day Collaboration 

LUÜNA, a B Corp-certified social enterprise and a leading advocate for gender equity, is excited to announce their IWD2024 collaboration with pioneering corporate partners in Hong Kong and registered charity Exchange and Empower.

This IWD collaboration tackles one of the most pressing gender issues today; the gender health gap. 

Throughout Q1 2024, LUÜNA is delivering a special IWD iteration of their impactful #TalkForGood event series to corporate partners. A percentage of each workshop fee will fund the provision of reusable LUÜNA menstrual cups and period health education to domestic migrant workers in Hong Kong and women in Nepal through the Empower & Exchange community. 

#IWD2024 Collaboration Goals:

The goal is to engage and educate employees of all genders to better understand the gender heath gap and how it impacts women in the workplace, while consequently reducing the barriers to healthy, financially sustainable and environmentally-friendly period care options for underserved women and girls.

Keilem, the founder of Exchange and Empower, shared:

"Education on period health is important as there are still many myths and misunderstandings surrounding this often taboo topic amongst our beneficiary communities.  Access to a high quality and sustainable option like the LUÜNA reusable menstrual cup is a game changer for our beneficiaries, lowering their monthly financial burden and improving health and hygiene."  

After LUÜNA's first distribution of menstrual cups and education in Nepal in 2019, participants shared:

"The LUÜNA Cup is very useful for my training and long runs, I don’t need to stop and change often.

"I am very happy with the menstrual cup because I can save money from not buying sanitary napkins”

"It's so comfortable and clean!”

Image: LUÜNA's previous distribution of menstrual cups in Nepal, 2019

LUÜNA's #IWD2024 Event for Corporate Workplaces:

Aligned with this year’s IWD themes ‘Inspire Inclusion’ and ‘Accelerate Progress: Invest in Women’ (UN Women), LUÜNA has designed a custom employee engagement event for corporate partners, which drives awareness for - and action against - the prevalent gender health gap.

The 'gender health gap' describes disparities in access, quality and affordability between men and women. Its effects can be felt deeply, but often silently, in the modern workplace.

Although not a new concept in 2024, the GHG has gained prominence on the world agenda since the recent World Economic Forum where the revered McKinsey Health Institute released a report: Closing the Women’s Health Gap: A $1 Trillion Opportunity to Improve Lives and Economies.

Companies, as caregivers to their employees, are taking note and taking action. You can be one of them too!

What partners can expect from the event:

  • Framing the conversation: defining the Gender Health Gap and identifying societal blindspots which perpetuate its existence and how to turn it around. 
  • A safe and inclusive space for open discussion: opening key points for discussion to promote learning, understanding and solution-seeking.
  • Interactive format and informal atmosphere: facilitating a fun and engaging session where attendees become participants of games and learning elements.
  • Building an inclusive workplace: learning how to create a culture of empathy and understanding, where employees feel comfortable discussing topics related to female health experiences - from menstruation to menopause -without fear of judgment or bias.
  • Empowering allies: helping genders to become supportive of each other to promote gender equity going forward.

Click below to download our guide and get started on planning International Women's Day events today.

Image: LUÜNA's previous IWD event with DFS in Hong Kong

Want to collaborate?

With International Women's Day only a few weeks away, you may have left planning a little late to work with LUÜNA, but it's not too late to get in touch with us to see how we can support your company's gender equity goals in the long term. You can book a call with us below.

For media inquiries and further information, please contact: hello@luuna-naturals.com

About LUÜNA:

LUÜNA is a woman-owned social enterprise working to democratize access to sustainable menstrual health products, and education about reproductive health, from the workplace, to the classroom, to the home.

About Exchange and Empower:

Exchange and Empower aims to help women from disadvantaged backgrounds escape from poverty and oppression. We do so by organising programs that broaden horizons, promote cultural exchange and provide education and life skills that help women control their own destinies. Our Training and Education Scholarship program in Nepal supports high-potential young female athletes from disadvantaged backgrounds in Nepal, giving them the opportunity to focus on athletic training, education and professional development. Our Opportunity Grants program supports foreign domestic migrant workers in Hong Kong to pursue trail sports for mental and physical well being.