Here is why we love chocolate during our period

Who else craves chocolate on their period? We do! The good news is that studies suggest that eating chocolate during your period may help reduce pain. 

We know it's fantastic news, but before you overindulge too much, the same study suggests you should only eat between 40–120 grams of dark chocolate.

Read on to learn more about why dark chocolate is such a great period treat.

Why dark chocolate?

1. Magnesium

Dark chocolate is rich in magnesium relaxing muscles and easing aches. Magnesium which is a mineral, is known to help relax muscles and, therefore, may ease uterine contractions and pain. Magnesium can also inhibit the production of prostaglandins, which stimulate contractions.

2. It's Anti-inflammatory

Chocolate filled with antioxidants, flavanols and anti-inflammatory properties.  

3. It makes you feel good, literally!

Cocoa contains numerous substances that fire off beneficial actions on the brain, which triggers a release of endorphinsour body's natural pain relievers or "feel-good" chemicals. 

4. Sugar!

Most types of chocolate also contain sugar, a compound known for providing energy and a nifty dopamine boost. Dopamine also gives us a strong sense of well-being.  

5. Always go for Dark chocolate

Milk and white chocolate contain high levels of milk solids, and milk solids contain fats. Eating foods with lots of fats can release prostaglandins that worsen cramps.

Altogether, chocolate contains everything we need and gives us the emotional and physical energy to soothe those period blues.   

But wait, there is more...

Enter our Rosy Period ChocolateFrom now until the 25th of January, when you stock up on our favorite LUÜNA items, you'll receive a bar of our special Rosy Period Chocolate.

This gift is a delicate mix of dark chocolate, rose petals and camomile, often used in Traditional Chinese and modern wellness practices to ease PMS. When combined, they also taste delicious. We can vouch for this!

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