"You lose your virginity using tampons" • THE HYMEN MYTH

In LUÜNA's poll with 100 people from Hong Kong & Singapore, we revealed that:

65% have never spoken about the hymen with their friends

70% couldn't correctly name where the hymen sits in the anatomy 

The Hymen Myth

It is believed that virginity is "lost" once our hymen is "broken" during penetrative sex for the first time. However, this belief is a misguided one, stemming from deep-rooted cultural ideas around virginity and anatomical misinformation about our bodies.

The Truth

"Your vagina is not the lid of a bubble tea. Your hymen doesn't necessarily get 'popped' when you stick something in it for the first time." - Zoe Chan, Founder of FreePeriodsHK

In fact, our hymens come in all different shapes and sizes. They can also break, tear or stretch on varied activities and experiences, such as riding a bike, going horseback riding, and gymnastics. Some of us may even be born without hymens.

Hymens are not definitive of our sexual status, and it's not other people's business either. Society's attachment to hymens and their association with virginity is both anatomically illogical and shaming. Here are some more hymen-related myths that we've debunked:

1. Bleeding during penetrative intercourse signifies the lost of virginity.

  • This belief stems from the idea that a hymen would be torn or broken when a penis enters a vagina for the first time. Bleeding does not have to occur when a penis enters a vagina for the first time. 

2. You can only lose your virginity in heterosexual relations.

  • This belief that a person with a vagina will always break their hymen during first-time penetrative sex devalues intercourse outside of heterosexual relations. Actually, neither a penis or vagina are necessary in order for someone to lose their virginity or have amazing sex!

3. You lose your virginity using tampons and period cups.

  • This belief stigmatizes the use of period products like tampons and period cups. Although period products like tampons and cups may break or tear the hymen, it does not mean you lost your virginity to a product. Your virginity is up to you to define and you can use any products that make you comfortable. 

      With so many deep-rooted attitudes dictating how we feel about and treat our bodies, we know it’s easy to feel overwhelmed. However, with a few simple actions in mind, we can all be part of shifting these outdated misconceptions:

      • Strike up a conversation about the concept of 'virginity' with those around you. Discussing taboo topics with our closest circle is an easy way to spark change.
      • Explore your body with new period care products, sex toys, or your partner to empower yourself and increase understanding of yourself.
      • Understand that every time you take a step to understanding and loving your body, you're changing the world and inspiring our community. 

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