"You are never alone in your struggles" • Stephanie

Like LUÜNA, photographer & artist Stephanie Teng is inspired by the moon. In fact, it was the catalyst that drove her towards creating her first solo exhibition entitled 'Solace'.

We had the pleasure of catching up with her recently, and hearing about her beautiful musings on creativity, letting go of fear & trusting the process.

“The moon was always there, the brightest point in the darkest time of night. I think that was really reflective of how I was feeling at that time. I was feeling like I would never be able to escape from this darkness, this dark cloud that was hanging over me all the time...”

In the last year, many of us have felt stuck - whether that be mentally, creatively or personally. Steph reminds us through her own story that there is always a constant in life, something that we can use to help navigate us during these times.

“...The moon reminds me that I am not alone in my own struggles, or I’m not alone no matter how dark life can feel, or no matter how upsetting certain things can be in life. There’s always someone up there watching over you. It gives me a sense of peace and comfort, and to return home to myself."

We were also totally captivated by her thoughts on the still, ever-present nature of the moon, and noticing the small things.

“...a lot of people tend to get obsessed or infatuated by the colours of sunset, but nobody really quite notice the moon quietly rising behind them. I think it’s very emblematic of all the little things, all the beautiful serendipity moments in life that’s happening just behind us, when we are focusing on something else.”

Thank you Stephanie for sharing your energy & words with us.

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