How students successfully advocated for better menstrual care on campus

An interview with the For Girls leaders and members on how they got period products to HKIS bathrooms.

How Students Change HKIS: A 'For Girls' Story

By Annicka Sen

Originally published by HKIS March 21st 2023


The For Girls Club, established in 2021 by Yoonjung Choi '23, recently installed period products in women’s and gender-neutral bathrooms at the HKIS High School campus. This initiative has been met with praise from students across all grades.

The For Girls Club was once Yoonjung’s personal project back in her freshman year, through which she hoped to fundraise money to help those in poverty with obtaining sanitary and high-quality period products. In 2021, she decided to expand this into a club, currently led by herself, Lauren Chong '23, Kate Nielsen '23 and Celeste Belin '24.

Prior to this initiative, the For Girls club also did fundraising by selling Cambodian peppers on their website and participating in events at HKIS like the Pumpkin Festival.

Through these efforts, the club was able to develop a relationship with the Cambodian consulate in Hong Kong and multiple corporations, leading to participation in the Hong Kong Trade Development Council Fair. The club also raises awareness towards period poverty through social media.


A period product drive previously organized by the club


Pad and tampon dispensers are now on campus!


See the original article posted by HKIS:

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