LUÜNA & periods on the cover of Tatler! 🗞

Stop the press - our founder Olivia was featured in Tatler magazine Hong Kong 😍

Generation T is Tatler's platform for the leaders of tomorrow, and every year it releases the Gen.t List: 'a definitive guide to the young trailblazers shaping Asia's future' (exciting!).

This year, our very own Olivia Cotes-James made the feature, alongside some extremely talented women whose work we admire deeply.

We're over the moon to see that taboos topics including sex, menstruation and mental health are making the covers of magazines in Hong Kong.

There have been numerous cases over the past two years where the topic of menstruation has been deemed too ‘inappropriate’ to make it to even an inside fold. We couldn't be happier to see this changing.

Contact us if you'd like to join us on that mission. Oh, and go check out the article here.


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