LU√úNA won the 2021 Social Impact Awards ūüéČ

We are so excited to announce that LUÜNA has won the Empowerment of Women Award at this year's Social Impact Awards ceremony, hosted by the United Nations and British Chamber of Commerce.

This biannual award that recognises the positive impact organisations have had on society and the environment in China.

Above: Jess from LU√úNA¬†collecting the award ūüŹÜ

Above: Maggie & Jess with Harriet Sheffer ūüĎ≠

Check out Jess, our amazing team member! 

As always, we thank you, our amazing community for your continued support. This award reminds us exactly why we set out on this journey in the first place - to further the empowerment of women and all people with periods across Asia & beyond.

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