"I feel more inspired to create around my period" - Ellie Suh, Illustrator & Art Director

Originally from South Korea, Ellie Suh, an art director and illustrator based in Hong Kong is our featured artist for our newly-launched limited-edition conscious Christmas set this festive season. 

Find out more about Ellie's background, the inspiration behind the box design, and her experience with our favourite topic, periods! Watch the inspiration behind the creation of the box:

Can you share with us your artistic journey/background? 

I have always been interested in the arts. I studied Graphic Design and painting in SCAD. My day-to-day work consists of art direction and graphic design for a variety of brands. My main inspiration when it comes to my artwork is sisterhood, femininity, along with my struggles. 

We see you use a lot of vibrant colours and gradients in your work. Where do you draw inspirations from?

I am deeply influenced by my love for painting and studying it in school. I use less artificial colours and more primary colours. I draw inspiration from the strong women in my life! e.g my mum

Why did you want to collaborate with LUÜNA?

Olivia is amazing, she is somebody I look up to. LUÜNA also breaks boundaries by normalizing periods. I struggled with people not understanding why you shouldn’t hide your period care and I love how the brand takes a bold approach to periods and how it aligned with my values. 

Can you tell us about your design process for the box? 

The box is similar to my style and interests especially with the addition of the silhouettes of women’s bodies. Some artworks I looked at for inspiration: Judy Chicago Red Flag, and a menstruation performance I chanced upon while doing research before creating the box.  

What is your period care routine?

I use a combination of toxin-free period products. Mainly organic cotton tampons and pads when I go out and the period cup when at home. I also try to practice more self-care by using facial masks and working a little less during that time. I stick to doing things that do not require much decision making.

Do you usually feel more or less inspired to create around your period? 

I feel more inspired to create around my period. I tend to choose to be alone and have more time to create during this time. 

Are there any personal experiences you would love to share about your period that can break taboos?

I strongly believe we should not be shy when buying period care and talk to non-menstruators about periods too. This goes a long way in normalizing this topic and breaking the taboos.

Is there anything you wanna share with other aspiring creatives out there?

Don’t be afraid to put yourself out there. Even if you think your work is perfectly presentable, post and enjoy your journey. Make a website, make an Instagram and post regularly on all portals. 

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Ellie's photos credit: @jtdilettante

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