#LuünaForWork Partner Spotlight: Introducing Leading Healthcare Provider

Meet the APAC Organizations Fostering a More Equitable World by Championing Menstrual Cycle Support

Matilda International Hospital

Matilda International Hospital is a leading healthcare service provider and world-class private hospital located in Hong Kong. In March 2024, Matilda launched their LUÜNA program, providing products and education to support the menstrual cycle for staff and patients within the hospital.

See below how Matilda's stakeholders responded and learn more about how their work tackles period poverty within underserved local communities.


Pioneering Menstrual Equity

Why Matilda's Commitment to Inclusivity and Social Impact Matters

"Launching this menstrual equity campaign is a significant step towards inclusivity for Matilda. As a diverse cultural organization, we value each and every individual. Our core values of innovation, inspiration, proactivity, and empathy drive us to make a positive impact on society.

We are incredibly proud to be the first hospital in Hong Kong to provide free and sustainable menstrual products to our staff, patients, and visitors. This initiative creates a safe space within the hospital that promotes equity for our people and encourages open discussions about a topic that should not be stigmatized."

- Debbie Tong, General Manager, Business Development

Visionary Steps

What Sets Matilda Apart

Recognizing the needs of both patients and staff at the hospital, Matilda addressed three key areas:

  • Product Accessibility: Staff
    Through washroom dispensers, Matilda provides organic cotton pads in staff washrooms so no one gets 'caught short' without products while at work.
  • Product Choice: Patients
    Menstrual equity is always about choice, so providing a sustainable organic cotton alternative to traditional brands is important for patients.
  • Educational Programs: Staff
    We provided thoughtful workshops to staff of all genders around gender and menstrual equity, celebrating the launch of our products and driving inclusive attitudes.

Collective Voices

Hear What the People of Matilda International Hospital Had to Say About This Initiative

"The provision of free menstruation products to staff demonstrates MIH’s commitment to creating an inclusive workplace that actively supports the health and well-being of all staff. This not only benefits those who will directly use the products but also fosters a culture of empathy and understanding among us all."

- Hin Lam, Senior Manager, Digital Media Development

"As a healthcare professional at MIH, I'm enthusiastic about this idea of providing sustainable menstrual products to our colleagues. It's a powerful statement about our commitment to equity and sustainability. For our staff, it means working in an environment that recognizes and caters to their needs, which helps to enhance job satisfaction and morale."

- Emma McGrenra, Practice Manager of Matilda Medical Centre

"I'm grateful and impressed that the hospital offers us free sustainable menstruation products. As the hospital is located on the Peak, it has been challenging to get immediate access to these products when needed. I feel that the hospital is very empathetic to our needs and cares about our well-being."

- Winze, Clerical Officer

Beyond the Workplace & the Wider Impact

Every LUÜNA FOR WORK partnership helps fund LUÜNA FOR ALL programs for underserved local communities. Matilda's partnership has therefore played a pivotal role in helping women and girls from low-income families in Hong Kong manage their menstrual cycle safely and sustainably.