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Meet the APAC Organizations Fostering a More Equitable World by Championing Menstrual Cycle Support

Combine Will’s Sustainable Partnership with LUÜNA

Combine Will International Holdings Limited is the first manufacturer in China and Hong Kong to collaborate with LUÜNA in championing menstrual cycle support for factory workers. Learn more about this progressive initiative, providing period care and education for over 2,500 workers.

Pioneering Menstrual Equity

Global sustainable manufacturer, Combine Will, prioritizes sustainable manufacturing while setting the industry standard for green products across ranges of production in plastic, paper, plush, die-casting, and electronics products.

Their ESG strategy incorporates steps to advance equity in the workplace with the latest initiatives including menstrual education and products for over 2,500 factory workers at their China and Hong Kong facilities. This initiative is especially notable considering that the majority of the workforce is female. All workers now have access to period care, and have benefitted from educational support through LUÜNA’s Talk for Good event - ‘An Introduction to Menstrual Health’.

Why Combine Will Chose LUÜNA

  • LUÜNA’s strong reputation for sustainable menstrual support for workplaces
  • Planet-friendly values and B-Corp Certification
  • Women-led company structure and the fact that it is founded in Asia

Collective Voices

LUÜNA: Why did you choose to focus on menstrual equity for your workers?

"Our company values supporting the communities that we operate in. In these rural communities where a lot of our workers come from, it is meaningful to raise awareness and provide education on understanding menstrual equity and women’s health through seminars, materials and products."

- Angela Gu, Group DEI Manager, Combine Will International Holdings Limited

"When I learned about this topic, it made immediate sense to support it. Women hold up half the sky, providing access to free emergency menstrual care and education to our factories is an important duty for our company to show that we care and support our Combine Will family."

- Simon Suen, Chief Financial Officer, Combine Will International Holdings Limited

LUÜNA: What about men and individuals who do not menstruate?

"It can be a taboo subject for men too, and it is beneficial for our male leaders and managers to learn about this, so they can better care for and support their female colleagues, team members as well as their family members."

- Florence Chan, Group DEI Director, Combine Will International Holdings Limited

LUÜNA: What do your workers think?

"I never had any education about the menstrual and hormonal cycle in school. It’s not something that was taught in classrooms and we usually just talk casually amongst friends. It is really nice that our company gives us an opportunity to learn and provides us with emergency products."

- Ms. Chen, Factory Worker, Based in Guangxi factory

Beyond the Workplace & the Wider Impact

Every LUÜNA FOR WORK partnership helps fund LUÜNA FOR ALL programs for underserved local communities. Matilda's partnership has therefore played a pivotal role in helping women and girls from low-income families in Hong Kong manage their menstrual cycle safely and sustainably.