Email Template: Advocate for Free Period Products at Work

Subject: Proposal for Providing Free Period Products in the Workplace


Dear [Insert Name],

I am writing to propose an initiative that I believe would greatly benefit our company in several ways, including:

  • Improving our workplace environment
  • Fostering an inclusive company culture
  • Making a genuine impact in the lives of underserved women and girls
  • Boosting our employer brand to attract and retain top talent

Engaging Well-Being Initiatives That Advance Gender Equity At Work

While we do well to support physical and mental well-being at [Insert Company Name], menstrual health—a fundamental aspect of life for many in our workplace—has not been adequately addressed. 

To remedy this issue and create a more supportive workplace, I propose that we provide access to period products in our office washrooms. This initiative not only addresses a practical need but also aligns with our values of inclusivity and employee well-being.

Why: Reducing Stress, Shame and Discomfort

Recent studies by Asia-based social enterprise LUÜNA indicate that 90% of employees have experienced inconvenience or stress due to lack of access to period products in the workplace.

Consider the stress of being caught at work before a meeting without a pad or a tampon - it happens! I'm by no means suggesting the company covers the cost of someone's whole menstrual period, but period products must be available for use in urgent situations. 

Given how unpredictable the menstrual cycle can become during the transition to menopause, the provision of products in washrooms also forms a crucial part of a comprehensive menopause policy as well, which many organisations are already thinking more about.

Why: Staying Aligned with Shifting Norms

This is already becoming a staple of the modern workplace in Asia, with hundreds of local companies, Fortune 500 organisations, corporations and schools providing sustainable LUÜNA period products in their office washrooms. You can see some of these organisations mentioned on the LUÜNA website homepage here:

In fact, menstrual products being available at work is increasingly seen as a staple of an equitable modern workplace - particularly for new talent entering the workplace.

It's not considered a 'nice-to-have' but a signal that our company has carefully considered the needs of all, a message that will support our employer brand in the market. 

Why: Impact That Goes Beyond the Products

I have already researched suppliers offering sustainable and cost-effective options for bulk purchase of period products. LUÜNA, a woman-led and B Corp-certified social enterprise, not only provides sustainable products but also channels our partnership into supporting vulnerable communities locally. 

Already, LUÜNA's corporate partners have contributed to the distribution of over 600,000 free menstrual products and hundreds of hours of education to communities in need across Hong Kong and beyond. This aligns with our CSR efforts. 

Next Steps

Could we schedule a brief meeting at your earliest convenience to discuss this proposal further? I am confident that implementing this initiative will positively impact our workplace culture and strengthen our commitment to inclusivity and employee well-being.

Thank you for considering this proposal. I look forward to your feedback and discussing how we can move forward with this initiative.

Best regards,

[Your Full Name]
[Your Position]