"For women and girls to be free, equal access to opportunities, affordable quality healthcare, and a society that values and respects their privacy, autonomy, and choices are essential."

Through LUÜNA’s social impact business model, we will be running regular   period product distributions for Peduli Kasih, a Hong Kong-based and women-run charity that supports Indonesian Migrant Domestic Workers in the city. In this piece, we hear from Community and Program Coordinator Anastasia Purnomo about the experiences of the Peduli Kasih community members when it comes to menstrual health management.

Peduli Kasih (PK) emerged from the compassionate roots of the Veritas Indonesian Catholic Community Hong Kong within the Indonesian Chaplaincy of the Catholic Diocese of Hong Kong. Initially, a small group of parishioners visited friends facing terminal illness, loneliness, and challenging circumstances, setting the stage for PK. Anchored by the motto "Holistic Health, Our Concern," PK strives for better health and well-being, especially for migrant domestic workers, ethnic minorities, and the broader community.

Empowering through Education

PK's choice to provide body literacy and education on menstrual health and sexual wellness stems from a belief in empowering individuals with knowledge about their bodies. Through workshops on Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights, PK has observed positive impacts on participants' confidence, self-care practices, and their ability to make informed choices regarding their sexual and reproductive health. This education fosters a stronger sense of community support and well-being.

Breaking Barriers for Migrant Domestic Workers

The impact of such education on the lives of migrant domestic worker is profound. It breaks cultural taboos, reduces stigma, and promotes overall well-being. By equipping workers with knowledge and tools to manage their reproductive and menstrual health, PK contributes to fostering a healthier and more informed community. The shared experiences and advice create a supportive environment, empowering individuals to take charge of their health.

Voices from the Community

Feedback from participants in events with LUÜNA and PK reflects the tangible impact:

"I am very grateful for the menstrual products. They are very useful and very good to wear. I was often uncomfortable using other sanitary napkins, but when I used the product from LUÜNA, it turned out to be comfortable, and they were free, so it saved me a lot of money."

"Thank you for the product, it is good and comfortable to use, the information about the menstrual cycle really helps me who is approaching the age of menstruation."

"LUÜNA products are very good, very soft and very comfortable to wear for outdoor activities."

Challenges and Hopes

One of the significant challenges faced by Indonesian Migrant Domestic Workers in Hong Kong is the lack of access to adequate resources and support for menstrual and sexual health. Limited information, persistent stigmas, low income, and cultural barriers leave these workers without the necessary tools to manage these aspects of their sexual and reproductive health effectively.

Anastasia emphasizes that recognizing the uniqueness of each migrant domestic worker is crucial for building a more inclusive and empathetic community. "For women and girls to be free, equal access to opportunities, affordable quality healthcare, and a society that values and respects their privacy, autonomy, and choices are essential," she tells us.

Towards a Healthier Future

Regular access to healthy period products is crucial for the dignity and well-being of migrant domestic worker. It enhances their comfort, confidence, and overall health. Improving this access involves making these products affordable and readily available. Ongoing support and awareness campaigns will play a pivotal role in making a positive difference in the lives of migrant domestic workers.

Through our LUÜNA Impact Projects, we provide LUÜNA organic cotton pads with regular distributions to the Peduli Kasih community. When you purchase a Gift Card for Good, you ensure a three-month supply of these pads reaches people in need on a consistent basis. 

Follow Peduli Kasih HK on Facebook at @pedulikasihhk.

A special thank you to Eaton HK, for hosting and your ongoing support for this important initiative.

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