The leading International law firm championing menstrual equity

Meet Herbert Smith Freehills, a leading international law firm with over 5,000 people, including 506 partners, in 25 offices across Africa, Asia, Australia, Europe, the Middle East and the US. Since launching their Better Period pilot in Hong Kong with LUÜNA on June 2022, the feedback from their people and visitors to the office has been overwhelmingly positive.

The firms approach to diversity and inclusion is driven by the principle of ‘Leading for Inclusion’, a global strategy which sets out their vision to be the leading international law firm for diversity and inclusion. Their work to achieve equity is an ongoing process, but are proud of what they’ve accomplished so far. You can find out more about their commitments and the progress they're making here.

"Working with LUÜNA meant we could educate our people, clients, and the wider community on the need to destigmatise periods. Having free period care in the office has been transformational, creating an immediate talking point. We are grateful to our D&I and Office Operations teams who worked together to bring about this change." Rachael Shek, Partner, Herbert Smith Freehill

Why did you decide to provide complimentary period care products? Were their pain points you identified? Was it to align with ESG / DE&I values and goals?

Our Better Period initiative was sparked by conversations within our Gender Equity network members on everyday moments that matter to them.

Whether you unexpectedly get your period at work or don't have access to the products you need in the office, we wanted to help reduce period stress, challenge stigma, and create a more inclusive culture for our people, clients and visitors.

We also wanted to develop an initiative that was not only good for our people but also for the community around us, and one which promoted sustainability.
The Better Period initiative aligned perfectly with our vision to be the leading international law firm for diversity, inclusion and wellbeing.

What was the response to these products being launched in washrooms? How has this contributed to a more open and inclusive company culture?

Since launching our Better Period initiative, the feedback from our people and visitors to the office has been overwhelmingly positive:
"One of the best initiatives by the firm"
"Really caring… in all my past organisations, there was no such thing."
"Great products"

Our people also told us that helping to fund LUÜNA's programmes that support those most impacted by period inequality was important to them. The partnership with LUÜNA also contributes to our aim of increase our spending with diverse suppliers, including women-owned social enterprises like LUÜNA.

Following a successful pilot in Hong Kong, we launched similar initiatives that provide sustainable and accessible period care products across all 12 of our offices in Asia Pacific, joining an existing programme in our London office.

How did the additional support (workshops and resources) from LUÜNA foster a positive reaction to the washroom launch?

As part of the Hong Kong launch, we partnered with LUÜNA to run a series of workshops on menstrual equity, hormonal health and wellbeing. The workshops allowed colleagues to better understand why we were doing this and to feel supported in looking after their wellbeing. They supported our wider Better Period initiative aim of challenging the taboo of discussing period care and menstrual health in the workplace.

Why would you recommend more companies provide free period care and education in the workplace?

Based on our experience, doing so results in positive engagement for a significant number of your people and visitors, whilst also supporting commitments you might have to support the communities in which you operate.

Want to see LUÜNA menstrual equity 🩸 programs in your workplace? We'd love to hear from you! 

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