Cycle Wellness Oil

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Product Highlights: All Natural, Ingredients-Packed, Suitable All Throughout Your Cycle, Pocket-Sized Wellness

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Our Cycle Wellness Oil (10mL) is designed in collaboration with Master Ruth Lee, a certified Traditional Chinese Medicine practitioner. This all natural roll-on oil is a bespoke blend of essential oils with the intention to provide relief during menstruation, and calmness throughout your cycle. To use, simply roll on to your abdomen area, massage it and relax. 

In Traditional Chinese Medicine, there's a saying that goes: "Where there's blockage, there will be pain". Adopting TCM's core belief that we must balance our body's Yin and Yang forces to achieve optimal health, this roll-on oil is designed with quality ingredients to bring you comfort not only during your period as well as throughout the month to promote holistic cycle wellness. 

Learn More about this Product:

  • 10mL blend of quality oils and essential oils
  • Key ingredients include: Sweet Almond, Dang-gui, Mugwort, Yan-hu-suo, Saffron, Geranium Burbon, Tropical Basil, True Lavender
  • Lovingly formulated to soothe your entire menstrual cycle
  • Designed in collaboration with certified Traditional Chinese Medicine practitioner, Master Ruth Lee
  • Pocket-sized, ingredients-packed, all natural
  • 100% recyclable cardboard packaging 

*Shipping is limited to Hong Kong currently

If you would like more information on our Cycle Wellness Oil, please feel free to visit our FAQ page.

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